What is an Oma Sock

Well... it's a long hard to explain definition...

The reason my blog is named Oma Socks is because I dedicated it to my Oma, my German Grandmother who is now living the good life in heaven.

She was an amazing knitter and the reason I took an afterschool knitting class with Mrs. Green in third grade. Then I visited my Oma that summer and she showed me just how wrong Mrs. Green was, and how to knit properly.

Every year my family, who lived half a country away from my Oma and Opa, would receive a box of handknitted goods from Oma. Our favorites being our 'Oma Sweaters' and 'Oma Socks.' Oma lived by the same motto I live by, 'perfection is boring.'

So the socks were silly colors sometimes and the sweaters maybe had different arm lengths, but many times the knitted pieces were beautiful and amazing. I have three afghans that Oma made me that I cherish. I could fill this blog with pictures of her knitting, but I don't' have pictures, so maybe I"ll spend one day taking beautiful pictures of her beautiful knitting. For now I do have pictures of the second pair of socks I've knitted... 

My very own Oma socks. It's really special to me to carry on a tradition with my Oma's knitting needles and patterns. 

This blog was named OmaSocks long before my Oma passed because I wanted to make a knitting blog. Now my passions have turned to handmade signs, painting furniture, and just the general DIY life of a frugal stay at home mom. I am keeping the name Oma Socks because my Oma is an amazing inspiration to me.

She's on the left. She was a beautiful woman who managed to escape Nazi Germany, not unharmed, and make a life in America, have 5 children, lots of Grandchildren, and leave a legacy of smiles, love, and laughter. She is amazing and I can't wait to hug her again in Heaven. 

With my littlest.

So in conclusion, an Oma Sock is a handcrafted present made with love and the ability to not take life too seriously. Through the good, bad, and truly awful to still have the ability to love and give.

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