Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pallet Family Rules Sign

I've been wanting one of these reclaimed pallet wood Family Rules signs for awhile. Being the DIY sign maker that I am, I of course wanted to build and paint it myself. Buuuuuut being the pretty much jobless stay at home mom that I am it's hard to find the time to make something just for myself.... but I did! Well, technically it's still for sale, but it's not selling so I get to keep it for now! It fits perfectly at the top of the stairs right now above our thrift store cedar buffet and our Santa picture gallery!

The reason I wanted one of these family rules signs is because the signs, comic clipping, prayers, and little sayings that are imprinted in my brain for good are the ones that hung in my house as I was growing up. I had a hallmark plaque hanging in my room as a little girl that read 'God helps those that help themselves.' I will never forget that saying until my dying day. I can still see the little birdie planting her seeds :) I keep looking for it on Etsy and Ebay but I don't think I will find one- sigh. But it was like this cute one (below) only yellow border, and different saying and birdie.

2014 Friendship Day Gifts - Vintage Hallmark Wood Plaque 1983 Love Birdie

So the sayings and signs hanging in my home I know will imprint on my daughter's hearts forever. So I better make them good ones! My priorities become my children's priorities.

Even if you don't believe Christ is the Son of God I'll bet you still can't find a better role model.

I love our Santa Picture gallery, too. Thrift store frames for $1 (I always pic ones with mats in them already to save more money!) then add some black paint, red paint, a touch of sandpaper, and I have a matching, mismatched Santa picture gallery. I just pack the frames away with Christmas each year, and pull them out ready to go! 

Next year they might need a bigger spot, though! It's getting a bit crowded on that buffet :)

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