Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Master Bathroom Reveal!

And here she is... our master bathroom 'AFTER' pics. Sorry so late, summer was busy and very enjoyable!! Now I've also picked up my Etsy stuff more seriously and spend half of every day sitting in my car to and from my girls two different schools. The only thing constant about life is change, right? :)

Anyway, here are some before's and durings to let you see where we started from... Sorry about the bad quality. I'm a novice blogger, and an even more novice photographer. 

Hideous, peeling, moldy laminate. Eggplant purple walls. Small, yucky gray tile. Used-to-be see through shower that was now milky white... the list goes on.

Isn't he cute? :)

And now for the afters!! 

Chalkpainted cabinets with trim and hardware added. New tile floor, (though it looks like wood, it's tile.) 

Counter top made out of pretty gray tile. 

My cute vintage cheese box that holds our counter top 'stuff.' Can you believe someone let this go for $5 at a garge sale! Love it! And the iron soap holder was a quarter. seriously love garage sales.

A Salvation Army find. Also love that place SO much.

The walls are now the palest green to pull out the green in our mosaic tile. A simple home made, hand sewn white linen cafe curtain with a simple, silver, spring curtain rod. I actually was able to make this out of fabric scraps so it cost me nothing but digging around my basement :) 

Our barnwood mirrors made out of old barnwood that used to be our tv cabinet but my husband took apart when we switched to the flat screen feels like just yesterday but I'm sure it was a million years ago. Because I'm old now. 

Photo bomb! stinker :)

retry after I kicked her tushie out... nicely :)

The piece de resistance... the frameless shower. Love it. 

With cute little mosaic nooks. Totally worth the effort. But if you do this, PLEASE don't use as much thin set as we did behind these suckers!!!! I spent many a naptime sanding out between those tiny little squares with the smallest tile sander you've ever seen. I would've rather just had them fall off the wall and re-put them up then do what we had to do. Trust me. 

All in all it turned out beautiful!! And I've been focusing my attention on our kitchen now... and I promise it won't take me as long to show more! :) 

Thanks for looking at our DIY bathroom remodel with tile and chalkpaint!