Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our New Barnwood DIY Mirrors

I can't believe I am saying this, but our Master Bathroom redo is done. It was close to 6 months in total of renovation, seeing as we had to take out a part of the floor and wall thanks to a leak, and we've (by we I of course mean my husband) has never done that before! Then we (remember what I mean when I say 'we'?) built our own shower pan, which was nerve-racking. So we went slow and careful :)

But either way, the only last last thing we need is artwork for over our bathtub. Then I will be posting the final before and after pics!

For now I'll post one of my favorite parts of the redo: the barn wood mirrors my husband made.

We searched and searched for mirrors we would like, but we've had this shelf of old barnwood sitting in our garage, and a GIANT mirror that we took down... so we decided to do our own.

We had this mirror that literally went from wall to wall in our bathroom. It was incredibly massive and hideous. So we took it to Ace Hardware and had two smaller mirrors cut out of it. ($10 each to cut.) Then used some of our barnwood from our old TV cabinet that my husband split apart and created a frame that we liquid nailed to the front of the mirror. Then used mirror hangers to hang the mirror back on the wall!

You can see the big empty space begging for artwork above the bathtub in  the mirror. I'm working on my husband for an old window frame there... we'll see! 

So, our total cost for our two new barn wood bathroom mirrors was... 

$15! ($10 Per mirror cut, then about $5 for new hanging hardware... I think.)

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