Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DIY Magnetic Chore Charts

I've been wanting to make my girly-goos chore charts for a good while now. I was inspired by the cookie tray magnetic ones I was seeing on Pintrest. This one was my favorite...

Click on the picture to go to the blog for the one above. 

I also had an idea of making DIY bottle cap magnets like a good friend of mine made me. So I thought I would combine the two into my own kind of magnetic chore chart...

I took  the idea of the cookie tray and magnets and cute scrapbooking paper, but used bottle cap Modge Podge magnets instead. I found the cookie sheets at the $1 Store, then used Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray paint. It's already chipping so don't know if I maybe should've done a few coats... The bottle caps were a good excuse to have some Denver Pale Ale :) amongst other things.

They are not completely dry yet. OH MY GOSH they take forever to dry. The more dry they are, the clearer they get. So the ones with thin Modge Podge on them are already see through. The ones where the Modge Podge was thicker are still all milky. 

So we move all 6 to the "to do" side in the morning, and they have to all be on the "done" side by evening. There is no reward for doing these chores. This is just their responsibilities. The only consequence I can see if these aren't done by bedtime is they might miss the bedtime story and cuddle while they finish their chores up. That would not make my girls happy. They are only: make bed, feed dog, feed fish, toys away, laundry away, and school work. Once they get used to these, and grow older, we can add more. The fun thing about the magnets is it is a pretty fun project to do together, too. Though I'll be honest, I just did these :)

To do the magnets you use bottle caps, scrapbook paper, and modge-podge. I used matte Modge Podge. My friend made me bottlecap magnets with glossy Modge Podge. Glossy looks better. Oh, well. Using my leftovers helped keep the cost down.

Cut a circle of paper, glue it or modge podge it on the bottom of the bottle cap, then draw, glue, or modge podge the chore onto the paper. I printed the chore name with a tiny picture for my non-readers. Then add a layer of modge podge to the top of it all. It looks white but amazingly dries clear. If you put a lot on it could take a week or so to dry!
Then hot glue these magnets on the back. They are SO strong. I love them for my fridge magnets, too. Make some extra for your fridge... they even hang those triple level, giant sized construction paper projects from preschool, or a stack of about 50 receipts. I know from experience :) 

Here's the magnets in process: 

So, we hung the final "Cookie Sheet and Bottle Cap Magnet Chore Charts" up in their bedrooms. Checking we've done everything will be part of our bedtime ritual. I will also help them remember throughout the day. Especially 'feed dog' since one girl is in charge of breakfast and one dinner. 

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