Friday, March 21, 2014

UpCycled Baby Snuggly

I love thrift stores. I love babies. I love reusing items so they don't have to be buried in giant landfills. I love creating one of a kind pieces. I love sewing. I love funky kid items with character and mismatched pieces. And I love homemade!

Combining all those passions... meet the UpCycled Taggie Baby Snuggly

Isn't she cute? This particular one was pieced together from some leftover scraps, a thrifted knitted mens polo shirt (the yellow stripes), and a thrifted ladies striped gray shirt. My cousin had a baby girl and I wanted to make her one that was mostly yellow and gray, her nursery colors, but with a girly touch. I even left the shirt pocket right there on the tummy see?

So fun! You can tuck love notes or pictures in there. If this belonged to my girls I'm sure they would keep their 'special' rocks and all sorts of other goodies they call treasures, like pine needles and beads they found in the street, and scraps of fabric from my sewing projects.

It's exciting because everything on this cutie would have been in a landfill if it wasn't stitched together to make an adorable little cat a baby can snuggle with.

The taggies on the hands and toes can be sucked on and played with, and also hooked on with rings to hold binkies and other toys. The taggies can also be used with rings to hook on to the stroller or diaper bag so nothing will get lost or thrown onto a dirty floor.

It's flat like a blanket so it can be snuggled with at bedtime like a blankie, but still looks like a friend. It is just too fun!

This could be used to keepsake baby clothes, kind of similar to those baby clothes quilts you can buy. For a 1st birthday present all the baby blankies can be sewn into a cute animal. Or if a baby never got to snugglie with his great grandfather, a snugglie made out of his old flannel shirts could be sweet. 

I've also stitched up a bear and alligator. Pics to come...

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