Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Long Time, No Paint

It's been awhile since I posted anything. I guess life just took off for a bit there. I was adjusting to life watching my nephew one or two days a week. It's funny how such a tiny little baby with so few needs can disrupt so much! :) In a good way!

Other than remembering how to pop binkies back in, warm up breastmilk, and teaching my kids how to play quietly so they won't wake the baby!, I've been doing my normal- hitting estate sales and thrift stores for goodies, catching up on laundry, and constantly trying to empty our garage of furniture.  The last two weeks I have finally finished the four pieces that were in there. Two pieces went into my little girl's room, which I will post about another day, (since she's sleeping in there, hopefully until 8am, thanks to daylight savings!), but one I am selling. I took some pictures of that one already, so I'll share that one today!

distressed, white dresser

It would make a beautiful distressed, white, flowery changing table I think! 

white, distressed changing table
Homemade Chalklpainted Dresser

I used my HomeMade Chalkpaint, Oil-Rubbed Bronze Spraypaint for the hardware, and Minwax Furniture Wax to finish it. 

chalkpainted, distressed, dresser
Pretty lovely! 

I just LOVE painting furniture!! Here's a few snaps of what the finish looked like before:

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  1. beautiful!!!! i am so excited you are starting to sell your stuff! good for you!!!