Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mom & Home Organization

Time to ring in the New Year and start fresh! In my mom's devotional group the last few months we were reading the Ten Habits of Happy Mothers, which by the way is a really practical, down to Earth book of advice from a seasoned pediatrician and mother, with a touch of religion thrown in. Just the perfect balance of everything for me! And Meg Meeker, the author, asked us to write a list of all our expectations of ourselves, crumple the list, and throw it away. Then write a new list about what truly matters to us as mothers and what we personally need to do to become closer to the mother that we want to be. Then choose your top three and only focus on those expectations of ourselves. I found this advice really useful when ringing in a new year and making all those lovely resolutions we love :)

My priorities are different than yours or anyone's probably, but in the end I only chose two things I wanted to focus on this year.

So here they are, my Resolutions, or Priorities, for 2014

1. following a more structured routine around my house
*this includes a big focus on no tv at night, going to bed early, and getting up at 5am to make time to have some prayer, coffee, blog time, and solitude before the monkeys get up at 6:30. (i know it seems crazy to get up that early, but when I do I am a much happier person, it's just a me thing I'm sure!)
2. write a prioritized list of my to-do's and to-want's on a weekly basis so I have a better balance each week of things I have to do, want to do, and things I should do :) and just in general stay more focused one what I'm spending my time actually doing! (With a small focus on prioritizing my top love: thrifting, suburban homesteading, and living and teaching my kids a more sustainable lifestyle.)

In the spirit of organization and focus I created my Ultimate Mom's Organizational Tool. :) I took one of those three ring folders and printed off a bunch of organizational papers as well as created my own weekly schedule/list. Here's the site I found any of the printables I didn't create myself.

The weekly to do list is shown above. I divided into my waking hours and filled in the things that usually never change much, like preschool, naptime, breakfast, laundry, etc. Then I can look at the blanks and purposely fill them in with my top priorities.

The next page has lists of weekly goals for home, personal, and work/etsy that I will fill in each week. The bottom of the page has ongoing lists of priorities, big and little projects, and even vacations and little day trip activities that our family can do so I can use those lists to fill in the blanks when I need a reminder. I made my own weekly calendar/to do lists using microsoft word and text boxes.

If you prefer daily to do lists look at this:

It's from Holy She uses a clipboard instead of a three ring folder like me. I like both, but I find it easier to stay on top of my 'stuff' when I see the whole week ahead of me. But her's is much prettier than mine!! I need to make mine pretty next month :)

The third page is the dreaded monthly meal planning calendar, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though I hate cooking and everything to do with it, it must be done :) I even doubled some really good wrap recipes, made some giant batches and froze them for lunches.

The next page is actually an ongoing list of food prices and comparing them between stores to figure out where the best place to buy certain things are. I've been meaning to do this for... well, forever!!

The next four pages are lists to record income and expenses (itemized) for my in-home daycare recording. I do it with paper and pencil because then I kind of have a rule that I record things right there in the parking lot of the store. Makes me remember! I made this with Word using text boxes, shading, and lots of periods :)

Recipes go in the back pocket! Receipts in the front pocket.

Here we go 2014! Bring it on! I hope that this little folder helps me create better focus for myself, therefore creating a more peaceful and structured home life for all of us! Including actually planning our fun instead of randomly deciding to do things, (which is fun, too, it's just usually too late to actually do anything by the time we randomly decide to do it!)

Happy New Year! Hope your resolutions go well, too!

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  1. Hi friend! Love this way of being organized! :-) Looking forward to seeing you this week! :-)