Friday, December 6, 2013

Old Crib Turned Christmas Card Holder

Old Crib turned Holiday Card Holder

I usually tape all the Christmas cards to the back of our door. It's fine, but I was inspired this year!

Remember the old crib that I SO wish I could actually use on a baby? Well, since I legally can't, and I don't have a baby anymore (I was googling twin mattresses today, it's time for my now 3 year old to get out of her toddler bed... ok, well past time... wah.) I had the springs sitting by my trash can in the garage waiting for a day where I thought the trash man was in a good mood (and had forgotten about that day we left a bag of very heavy tiling trash on a 100 degree day that may or may not have pretty much melted the bag and when he picked it up it ripped, spreading tile all over the street... I won't tell you that.)

Anyway, I saw this post recently:

and thought OH MY UPCYCLED WONDERFULNESS!!! Not everyone's style for sure, but SO mine. Not only am I keeping this out of the landfill, but I happen to think it's cuteness at it's best!

Holiday Card Holder from Old Crib

I recently started using They have this setting that is called 'darkened edges.' I think I'm in love with it. So be prepared for darkened pics every time :)

I hung up some cards on it from last year and wove some ribbon through the edges. Not sure what else will be added to it, but I know lots of cards!! I think when all is said and done it will hang in our laundry room/guest bathroom/backpack command station holding school papers and field trip permission slips. Probably above my Pallet Backpack Holder Shelf thingy.

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  1. love it! i like yours better than the inspiration ones!

  2. What a creative idea-love it! Thanks for linking up :)