Friday, December 13, 2013

Advent in a Colander

Though we've had kids now for almost 5 years, I feel like we are still settling in to our routines. One routine I've never done with my kids and I was sad about, was the advent wreath. We did it as a child and I loved lighting it each week at dinner. But I wasn't' sure what kind to get. I didn't want to spend a fortune, (do I ever!?!?) and wanted it to reflect my style, but also have the tiniest kitchen table known to man, no dining room, and kids always touching, moving, coloring, spilling... 

This year I decided to use the $7 antique colander I found at a garage sale this summer. I bought some $4 spanish moss at Wallies, some green foam to hold the candles under the moss, and a pack of advent candles 60% off at JoAnns. I'm suprised JoAnns and Michaels already have their Christmas sutff at 60-70% off!!

I think the final result turned out just perfect for me :)

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