Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turtle Party at the Park

My Abber Gabbers turned 3! I can't believe my little baby is 3. 

We had unbelievable fall weather (so far) this year in Colorado so I threw a quickly put together party at the park one Saturday afternoon. (I literally texted a few good friends and family on Friday afternoon!) Thank the good Lord for my blessings, almost everyone was able to adjust their weekend and come enjoy the sunshine next to the lake with us to celebrate our baby turning 3!! It not only warmed my heart that people came with such short notice, but then seeing our children playing and hugging and laughing. There were cousins and friends already so close they are like family! It filled all our hearts with love and happiness!

I don't love posting people pics on my blog, especially of other peoples children, and rarely do of my own, so there won't be pics of the party. Just imagine gorgeous sunshine and laughter :) We picked up 4 pizzas, grabbed some veggie juice boxes and soda, and I made turtle cupcakes. (Since Abby wanted a turtle party.) I got green star balloons from the dollar store for favors, and bought each child a turtle sun catcher for a craft and favor. 

Ok, I'll be honest. two kids painted cats. There may have only been 4 turtles at the store. That's what happens when you shop the night before the party :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and plan on a laidback affair at the park every year. I hope this global warming continues! :) We used the park pavilion and also threw in a couple little tikes picnic tables for the kids. Note to self: put paper down next year when painting suncatchers! It's not washable.

Would you like to see the piece de resistance? My semi-homemade sea turtle cupcakes:  

I followed THIS recipe to make plain vanilla cupcakes, then bought this: 
<strong>Funfetti®</strong> Aqua Blue Vanilla Frosting

and used a tub of fruit slices to make sea turtle cupcake toppers. 

Zachary: Artificial Orange Flavored...
they were like these only all different colors. I sliced one in half lengthwise and then widthwise and those four pieces became the legs. (I made the front legs longer.) I trimmed a bit off the bottom of the green 'shell.' Then I cut one exactly in half and it became the head. When I started running out of green ones I actually took the bit I trimmed off of the bottom of the shell and rolled it into a ball. It really is quite easy when you get a knife and start playing! 

Our turtle party was such fun I hope to copy it next year! Wonder what the theme will be? She's such a joyful funny girl. Her 2nd year old bday party she wanted Shrek, she was dead set on it. This year turtles, I just think she is the cutest! :)

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