Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick and Easy Bathroom ReDo

So one day I was having company and started to clean the bathroom at naptime. I pulled out the  bleach bottle and rag, walked in there, and realized I just didn't want to clean that trim one more time!!! We painted the bathroom a lovely shade of blue when we moved in, and it was definitely nicer than what was there, but definitely didn't look like the Martha Stewart magazine I copied. I think I am done with color in general in my house :) I'm diggin the white on white look so popular, for the sole reason that it's so much harder to go wrong. We painted our kitchen a nice pale yellow, which is cute, then tried to do green in our living room and my husband said it felt like he was living in an Easter egg. I guess I agree. So now I am painting every room in our house cozy cottage white, or some shade of brown. Yay for neutrals!

Back to the trim problem... it was painted when we moved in, which feels like yesterday, but I realized that afternoon that it has been 7 years!!! Wow. Time flies when you're having babies. Babies that make everything dirty I might add. Which brings me back to the trim again. I couldn't clean it again, it needed to be painted. I went to the garage and pulled out my trim paint. When I brought it in and stared at those blue walls I suddenly remembered I had picked up a random shade of brown in the oops section for $7 a few weeks ago... hmmmm... could I get it done in one naptime? That was the question.

It took me one naptime, plus two Octonauts later and my bathroom was painted! It looks so much better, but the best part is it looks so much cleaner! Then inspiration struck and I ended up chalkpainting the ugly oak vanity, adding some (spray painted) hardware, replacing the builder grade mirror, and even spray painting the ugly toilet paper holder a day or two later.

Total Cost:
$7 for estate sale mirror that I used leftover paint and stain to distress.
$7 Oops paint for the walls
$30 dollars for trim primer and paint
$5 for Goodwill antique style bird prints with frames and mats!
$0 for homemade chalkpaint using supplies in the garage
$0 for spraypaint to update hardware (leftover from dresser redo) and toilet paper holder
= $49!
Sorry I don't have a before pic. Imagine a pale oak builder grade vanity with no hardware, blue walls, and one of those mirrors that have no border. very classic suburban cookie cutter 1990s home.

It's not really a blog worthy bathroom, but I like it and it's ours, and most importantly it's clean :)

A close up of the chalkpainted vanity. I used the toothpaste trick to put the knobs on, (put toothpaste on the back of the knobs and stick them where you want them, then drill the hole where the toothpaste is.)

I found this mirror for $7 at an estate sale and used dark Poly stain, some gray blue paint, and a hammer to make some marks.

I fell in love with these bird frames I found at Goodwill!

And though we haven't retiled, and we will one day, I attempted to cover the floor with a cute rug. 

The other half of our bathroom is the laundry room. On the wall facing the washer and dryer I hung up my DIY pallet backpack holder. I blogged about it here. I originally made it to hold towels in my girls bathroom but then it turned out too big, so I decided to hang it in our soon to be 'command station' for school, as next year I will have TWO KIDS IN SCHOOL!!! crazyness. 

So that is one project keeping my busy the last month... Other things that I've been up to were Halloween (got a bit crazy!), buying a new secretary desk on Craigslist (pics to come soon!), my sister having a baby, (amazing little blessing), hosting donuts at church, a 3 year old bday at the park, and continuing to retile our master bathroom. We almost decided to put caution tape across the door and call in a professional, but we took some time off and recharged, used many days of babysitting by the grandparents, and laid our last tile yesterday. Hooray! Of course pics of that to come soon as well! 

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