Friday, November 22, 2013

Advent by Candlelight

Last night, on the Feast of the Presentation of Mary, the Women of Mary ministry at my church hosted Advent by Candlelight. 

Advent by Candlelight Table Decor
The tables are so beautiful, next year I will take a picture of the most fabulous ones! But here's our little table in the back- and thank goodness for that, too, since two 3 month olds sat with us, we had some nursing going on, some giggling, and one of us had to leave right in the middle of the speaker to relieve her babysitter. We are definitely the 'young moms' club at our church! 

Advent by Candlelight Christmas centerpiece
The Advent by Candlelight night at church is an amazing evening where we are preparing ourselves spiritually for the busy and emotionally taxing season to come. We read four scripture verses, each with it's own meditation and song. Then had a wonderfully funny, yet moving, speaker. We also had desserts, wine, coffee, and amazing fellowship with church members and friends.

Advent by Candlelight Table Setting

Our table was a joint effort, and thank heavens Ave Maria doesn't put pretty much any rules on what we can and can't do. Some tables did paper, some did fancy china, we met them somewhere in between and had nice Christmas plates. I used my mismatched goodwill christmas plates and bowls to hold our desserts and nuts. I took the lantern off my wall and filled it with evergreens I cut from the bushes in our cul-de-sac's island (ssshhh!) and grabbed the white candleholders off my night tables. So we didn't have to spend any money, we all pitched in a bit, and it was relaxing for everyone, even the table hosts! 

Advent by Candlelight favor
I quickly put together these favors for each plate with a candy cane Christmas poem. 

Our second year was smashing success! I not only got to spend the evening surrounded by candles and Christmas lights, hearing beautiful music and listening to wonderful speakers and scripture, but I was surrounded by my best friends and reminded of what is truly important in life. 

I hope you are as blessed to have a night like this at your church!

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