Monday, October 7, 2013

Distressed 2x4 Pumpkins

The Little Pumpkin Baby Shower was a hit. We ate and drank pumpkin everything, had a good laugh, and a good snuggle with at least one of the 5 babies that attended!

I will be getting to posting pics of the cute pumpkin food and decor soon, but for now I thought I'd highlight the 2x4 Pumpkins I made that are now on my living room side table.

I adore white pumpkins... well, I adore anything white! I just wish my white t-shirts stayed that way...

Anyway, a quick and easy project for a super cute fall display:

Choose three 2x4s (I picked mine up from the garage floor, I didn't even have to cut any but the smallest one. Gotta love being in the middle of a bathroom remodel.)

Paint them with a white or cream paint. I used swiss coffee chalk paint (make your own chalkpaint recipe here.) Distress a bit and hot glue gun the stems on. I found a nice thick stick in our yard and sawed off three good little chunks.

So easy, so cheap, and so cute.

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