Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chalkpainted Dresser Turned Changing Table

One thing I will offer if you are in my circle, you are local, you are pregnant, and I love you is to redo a dresser for your nursery! I happen to LOVE the distressed, chippy, colored, and unique look...

Serene Village -  SOLD!!!!  Shabby Chic, Dry Sink, Baby Changing Table, Distressed, Pink, Bedroom Furniture

Dry Sink or Changing Table Jamaica blue. Vintage/antique/baby/diapers/wash stand/painted furniture/distressed/waxed/chalk/low VOC/eco friend

Remember, my girls armoire in their (now shared) bedroom is bright blue! My husband was a little blown away, but me and the girlies loooove it.

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However, I find that not everyone adores my style :) and prefer things a bit more neutral, and even a bit less 'antique-ed.' Especially my sister, who does not appreciate the farmhouse style, at least not in her own house.

So.... needless to say I still talked her into going to the Salvation Army with me on 50% off day, and picking out a dresser with the promise that if she didn't like it, I'd sell it on Craigslist, no harm, no foul! It was $42 for a nice Basset dresser.

So... here are the before and afters, and luckily she did end up loving it. It is really big and nice and with so many little drawers all those little socks and onesies will have nice little homes.

Here is the almost before. I had taken one drawer out and started removing hardware when I remembered to take a before pic. Look at all those knobs! Crazyness!! Each little drawer had three pulls on it, just weird...

First step was to remove those crazy knobs, putty the holes with wood putty and broken up toothpicks, and sand it smooth.

Then, begin painting. Now I know how to make my own chalkpaint, which would have most definitely made this process better.  But at this time, I didn't know yet, so used CeCe's Chalkpaint. I was not a fan at all. I needed three coats and used 2/3's of a ($40) can of it. If I had made my own I would have made it nice and thick to only do two coats. But, anyway, it got done in the end.

And here it is, in all it's glory, in the nursery waiting to be peed on...

I put the old hardware back on, but spray painted the knobs with Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze. I drew on the screw holes on the hardware with a yellow marker, then stuck it where it would look best. Then I drilled the holes and put them there. Others might measure, I eyeballed it. Each to his own!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Newborn Flower Hairband *free pattern!!*

As a knitter, the phrase 'free pattern' makes my eyes light up! A good friend that I've known since I was 9... (really?!?) is about to have her first little girl so I wanted to make something special for her. I had the cuuutest Cascade Fixations yarn picked out, and thankfully they give directions for a free, cute, lace headband pattern that matches it on their site. (click HERE for the free pattern.)

Just in case, here is the pattern:
Lacey Headband Free Knitting Pattern
Materials:  Cascade Yarns Fixation: approx ¾ oz.   
    Size US7 needles 
    Yarn needle 
Size:  1 ¾” wide by head measurement 

Pattern Stitch 
Row 1:  K2, P7, K2 
Row 2:  K3, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, sl 1, K1, psso, K3. 
Row 3: Repeat Row 1 
Row 4:  K2, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, sl 1, K1, psso, K2. 
Repeat 4 rows for pattern. 

Cast on 11 sts. 
Begin pattern stitch and work until band fits around head when stretched comfortably and 
bind off. 
Sew ends together and weave in end. 

It's really quite simple, the only hard part for me was trying to keep track of what row I was on because the pattern repeats 4 rows over and over. Since I was reading it on my iPhone while watching the new(ish?) Superman movie I just moved it so I could only see the line I was working on, hiding the rest beyond view of the iPhone screen. I hope that even makes sense! That really, really helped me stay on top of where the Kriptonite was and what row I was on at the same time. Hope I spelled Kriptonite right because spell checker isn't even giving me suggestions :)

Then I had to add a cute knit flower to this pattern, so spent at least half of a naptime searching the web for 'free knit flower patterns' and there were just none to suit my fancy! I finally found a quick, simple, and cute knit rose pattern that would suit me on good ol' Ravelry. The original source for the free flower pattern is HERE. In case she shuts her blog down, here is a quick recap of it:

Cast on 100 stitches
row 2: purl 2 tog (50 sts)
row 3: knit 2 tog (25 sts)
row 4: purl 2 tog, purl 1 (13 sts)
row 5: knit 2 tog, knit 1 (7 sts)
run yarn through remaining stitches, curl into a rose shape, and secure with a few stitches.

In the end I had an adorable knit baby flower headband! Check it out below...

It was a very nice distraction from the plumber upstairs soldering a new showerhead on (yay, our master bathroom remodel is about halfway done! Can't wait to share!) In the pic above it is hanging on my barnwood DIY bathroom shelf that is now hanging above the toilet in the girlies bathroom. Can't wait to share that, too! Just need to finish up a few touches on it first... :)

My lovely doll model modelling it for you!

And my never manicured, very ungirly hand as a third model. Such lovely models ;) Barnwood definitely wins!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Homemade Pirate Bow

The girls are going to be pirates this year. They look adorable in their costumes, and I'm so excited they love them because I found them in the 70% off sales last year :) 

Each outfit came with a headscarf, but one was most definitely cuter than the other. So I picked up some cheap and super cute supplies from Walmart and made a matching pirate bow. 

The red ribbon was $3, the black 47cents, and the skull buttons were $2 I'm pretty sure. So about $6 but I was able to make 3 bows for that. Good deal! 

Pretty cute, huh? Easy simple DIY pirate bow for my 'pirate princess' as she calls herself. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Armoire Redo with Homemade Chalkpaint

I found this sweet armoire at the Salvation Army about a month ago and it has been sitting in our garage gathering cement board dust ever since. I am SO glad we are past the prep work in our master bathroom remodel and can move on to tiling (slightly less messy) and then *joy* just using it!

Anyway, I unearthed this beauty from the pile if scrap wood covering it and painted it up. Check out the before and afters below... I am in looove! Too bad it's (hopefully) finding a new home soon. It's posted in my etsy shop (Oma Socks) and Craigslist. 

Pretty, huh?

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Old Crib Turned Hinged Sign

My Dad's friend passed down an old school crib and as much as I'd LOVE to homemade chalkpaint it up and use it for our (probably not actually happening) third child because I love the lines, I just couldn't bring myself to use it. Who knows what would be recalled now on a 20+ year old crib!

So I sadly took it apart, and yet happily turned it into a chalkboard sign :)

I am blogging on my phone because my computer is out of commission again, so can't link up to my inspiration, but when I get my computer back I'll link her blog up! 

Anyways- here are the before and after pics! 

Isn't it cute?!? I'm having visions of painted furniture garage sales dancing in my head.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Farmhouse Table ReDo

I received this hand me down table from a family friend, and since I never say no to free I accepted. We used it in all it's light oak glory for a year or two, then I painted it cream and distressed it and used it that way for a few years.

Last week I kept being inspired by pretty Farmhouse table shots on pinterest and decided I had to redo it. So I sanded off the paint on the top and stained it a dark antique walnut stain. Then painted over the cream with my DIY homemade chalkpaint in Swiss Coffee again. (I'm finally out of Swiss Coffee homemade chalkpaint, but we had a good run. Picked up a gallon of Antique white at Walmart today to begin a new batch of DIY chalkpaint.)

So in the end here is our farmhouse table. While I was at it I re-painted those distressed $5 garage sale kitchen chairs. They were just too dark and distressed for me. (Here is the before)

I added a garage sale $1 linen and lace circle thing with a chickenwire baskets of pumpkins and we are ready for fall!

I left some paint on the edges because it added character I think.

Well for now this mini table fits our little kitchen in our little house just fine. But I do have dreams of a slightly bigger and more square table... one day. With a painted red bench on one side, two ladder backs on the other, and my white beauties on the sides.... a girl can dream!

Now if only I can find the perfect wall in my kitchen for these beautiful Currier and Ives winter scene tiles I found at the thrift store for $1.50...

Hope you are having beautiful start to your fall as well!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Distressed 2x4 Pumpkins

The Little Pumpkin Baby Shower was a hit. We ate and drank pumpkin everything, had a good laugh, and a good snuggle with at least one of the 5 babies that attended!

I will be getting to posting pics of the cute pumpkin food and decor soon, but for now I thought I'd highlight the 2x4 Pumpkins I made that are now on my living room side table.

I adore white pumpkins... well, I adore anything white! I just wish my white t-shirts stayed that way...

Anyway, a quick and easy project for a super cute fall display:

Choose three 2x4s (I picked mine up from the garage floor, I didn't even have to cut any but the smallest one. Gotta love being in the middle of a bathroom remodel.)

Paint them with a white or cream paint. I used swiss coffee chalk paint (make your own chalkpaint recipe here.) Distress a bit and hot glue gun the stems on. I found a nice thick stick in our yard and sawed off three good little chunks.

So easy, so cheap, and so cute.

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