Monday, September 23, 2013

Make Your Own Chalkpaint

OK, I did it. I made my own chalkpaint. I received a hand-me-down dining room table that was refinished in that old dark oak with black paint or stain dots all over it. Do you know the finish I'm talking about?

Well, I was going to quickly paint it and sell it on craigslist... but I think I fell in love with it! AND with the homemade chalkpaint I used to paint it.

So now I think I will be selling the one we are using now and put this one in our kitchen.

The recipe I used to paint it was from THIS site.

It was 2 Cups paint (I used Swiss Coffee white paint), 1/3 Cup Plaster of Paris (I found mine in the craft section of Walmart for $5), and 2 TB water. It was a gorgeous consistency, dried nice, and sanded well. I am in love!

I am very excited for my adventures in making my own chalkpaint. This shall be fun!

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