Friday, August 23, 2013

Antique Children's Dresser ReDo... Part Duex

I posted before about my Antique Children's Dresser here. It was my dresser as a child, hand painted with Peter Rabbit stencil by my crafty mom. Then we used it as a stereo cabinet for awhile. When my second child was born my mom was moving it out of her house, so I put it next to her crib. I just love this thing. I love the casters. I love the shape. I love the memories! It has always just been around. But now I don't want it in my kiddos rooms anymore. I'm falling in love with armoires like this one.

When I redid it before I just never could quite fall in love with it. It was slightly the wrong color. It was distressed a lot, but not enough. There's a perfect balance in distressing furniture, and it can go wrong...

I thought about redoing it like this...

Dining room blue cabinet

If you love farmhouse style, check out her house/blog.

Anyway, I thought about doing it this way, but then in the end went with...

Old White chalkpaint, chicken wire, and black spray paint to turn it into more of a front room buffet rather than a children's dresser.

The piggies were a $1 find at Goodwill, and used to be tin. I spray painted them black and still need to get a little white candle for them.

The blue frame used to be green and wood, and cost $1 at Goodwill as well. I painted it black, then blue (leftover from Big Girls Painted Blue Bed) then sanded it a bit. And that is actually Big Girl as a 5 monther.... awww :)

Little Girl is in the black frame, but I still need to get a mat. The black frame was $2.50 at Goodwill, I know, that's a big spend there. And the antique crock was from an estate sale I just visited. $20- score!!!

The artwork above I made all of except my hanging lantern, (target.) I love the Barnwood Sign, Farmhouse Clock, and wooden cross. I think it all mixes well, but I need to paint that white vent to match the wall...

Some antique Better Homes and Gardens magazine, recent Country Life magazines, my antique books (a couple antique etiquette books, a history of England, and a teachers guide to teaching nature study. It's just so me, I guess you'd have to know me to realize how I am mixed into all those books! And I won't bore you with explaining it!) A few folded linens, an iron cat, and a box from JoAnns top it off.

All in all the display was incredibly budget friendly, and my farmhouse front room is so close to getting finished!!

On a sidenote, that top drawer is my husband's drawer. And I love that his iPad, magazines, cords, and other what-not that have nothing to do with farmhouse decorating can get tucked away.  And he loves sitting in his IKEA chair and opening the drawer to find all his stuff, instead of asking me where I 'tidied' them up, otherwise known as hiding them from company!


  1. Well done! Love it friend :-) Now I just have to come over for some of your fancy coffee to see it in person :-) ha ha!