Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Start a Mom's Devotional Group

My husband told me this quote, (at least I think it was my husband, but my memory has gotten lost somewhere between dinner menus and potty training, not sure if I accidentally threw it away in a dirty diaper actually...)

but anyway, the quote I heard was:
 With this in mind, I do try to spend the most time with friends with whom I admire, respect, and aspire to be like! Friends whom have the strongest morals and similar family values to me. And I've been lucky enough to meet a small group of girls from church and we all believe the same things, and are able to support each other as friends, and as followers of Christ. So we began a small devotional group, a little summer mom time, to teach our kids about God's love, and support each other.

Here's an outline of what we did, and I would be so happy for you if you were lucky enough to do this, too!

1. find a group of like-minded friends whom you always walk away from talking to them a better mother, wife, and person.
2. Set a meeting time (we meet 2x month on a weekday morning)
3. Pick what you would like to be the framework for your meeting (we are reading a Lysa TerKeurst book, 2 chapters per meeting to get it done by the summer.)
4. Decide where you'll meet and who will be in charge of what (we take turns hosting at our houses, the host provides the mugs and muffins, and another person offers to teach the kids a 20-30 minute Bible lesson and bring snacks for them.)
5. Begin meeting, growing a deeper relationship with God, your friends, and your life!

Here is our 'Lesson Plan'

2 Hours Total
1st 30 mins: Kids do a prayer, read a Bible story, learn something (our kids are still little, so they learn things like Mary is the mother of God, etc.), do a craft/activity, and then have snack. 
Last 60-90 mins: The kids play together while us moms have our mugs and muffins and talk about the chapters we read in the last two weeks. 

Pretty simple! Yet life changing...


  1. Great idea sharing this on your blog!
    I am so thankful for you girls and our MM&M group!

  2. this is a great format. i am so glad you shared! thank you.