Friday, July 19, 2013

Homemade Nursing Cover and Taggie Snuggle Blankie *Baby Shower Present*

A very, very good friend is due any day now, and requested no baby sprinkle for her second, just an intimate dinner with friends and a few optional gifts. I handmade her a nursing cover and her baby a cute little homemade taggie toy.

Even though, like anything I do, it wasn't perfect, I am still so happy with the adorable results!!

 I used THIS pattern to create a lightweight, perfectly sized, adorably usable nursing cover with a washcloth pocket to store nursing pads and also do double duty as a wipe for baby cheeks or mamas.

The only big change I made was I just decided to tie the cover instead of use D-rings, because I thought it was cuter, and I put ribbon along the top. 

We went to La Sandia, highly recommended! Check out their rooftop dining, I will have to go back with my hubbie.

And last, but not least, my Snugglie Taggie Blankie, (directions HERE.) I think it turned out perdy darn cute as well!

Bring on the baby showers!!

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