Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Dresser and Changing Table Redo

I found an adorable old dresser at a garage sale for $10. It's really cute, sits on cute little casters. Here's the finished product...

Here is the before, of course I got too exited to paint to think of taking a picture until it was all spread out and ready! I decided to take the changing table out of my youngest's room since she is going to need a big girl room soon anyway, paint it to match, and sell it as a set.

 It was kind of a beat up green color and the changing table was a beat up white. I painted it a gray blue, hard to see in the pictures but it is really nice. The numbers are a dark brown and then the edges are distressed. 

So if you are a furniture painter, I used the gray/blue color over top of the white/green. Then distressed. Then painted the numbers (free hand) with dark brown and distressed them. Then used a light oak poly stain over the whole top. Took me one afternoon and $25 in total, (all paint supplies I had in the garage already, and the furniture cost $10 for the dresser and $15 for the changing table.)



  1. Love it!!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!

    1. aw thank you! I'm keeping an eye on your blog to see your finished kitchen :)

  2. I love this!! wish you were selling it!