Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Dresser and Changing Table Redo

I found an adorable old dresser at a garage sale for $10. It's really cute, sits on cute little casters. Here's the finished product...

Here is the before, of course I got too exited to paint to think of taking a picture until it was all spread out and ready! I decided to take the changing table out of my youngest's room since she is going to need a big girl room soon anyway, paint it to match, and sell it as a set.

 It was kind of a beat up green color and the changing table was a beat up white. I painted it a gray blue, hard to see in the pictures but it is really nice. The numbers are a dark brown and then the edges are distressed. 

So if you are a furniture painter, I used the gray/blue color over top of the white/green. Then distressed. Then painted the numbers (free hand) with dark brown and distressed them. Then used a light oak poly stain over the whole top. Took me one afternoon and $25 in total, (all paint supplies I had in the garage already, and the furniture cost $10 for the dresser and $15 for the changing table.)


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Start a Mom's Devotional Group

My husband told me this quote, (at least I think it was my husband, but my memory has gotten lost somewhere between dinner menus and potty training, not sure if I accidentally threw it away in a dirty diaper actually...)

but anyway, the quote I heard was:
 With this in mind, I do try to spend the most time with friends with whom I admire, respect, and aspire to be like! Friends whom have the strongest morals and similar family values to me. And I've been lucky enough to meet a small group of girls from church and we all believe the same things, and are able to support each other as friends, and as followers of Christ. So we began a small devotional group, a little summer mom time, to teach our kids about God's love, and support each other.

Here's an outline of what we did, and I would be so happy for you if you were lucky enough to do this, too!

1. find a group of like-minded friends whom you always walk away from talking to them a better mother, wife, and person.
2. Set a meeting time (we meet 2x month on a weekday morning)
3. Pick what you would like to be the framework for your meeting (we are reading a Lysa TerKeurst book, 2 chapters per meeting to get it done by the summer.)
4. Decide where you'll meet and who will be in charge of what (we take turns hosting at our houses, the host provides the mugs and muffins, and another person offers to teach the kids a 20-30 minute Bible lesson and bring snacks for them.)
5. Begin meeting, growing a deeper relationship with God, your friends, and your life!

Here is our 'Lesson Plan'

2 Hours Total
1st 30 mins: Kids do a prayer, read a Bible story, learn something (our kids are still little, so they learn things like Mary is the mother of God, etc.), do a craft/activity, and then have snack. 
Last 60-90 mins: The kids play together while us moms have our mugs and muffins and talk about the chapters we read in the last two weeks. 

Pretty simple! Yet life changing...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Homemade Nursing Cover and Taggie Snuggle Blankie *Baby Shower Present*

A very, very good friend is due any day now, and requested no baby sprinkle for her second, just an intimate dinner with friends and a few optional gifts. I handmade her a nursing cover and her baby a cute little homemade taggie toy.

Even though, like anything I do, it wasn't perfect, I am still so happy with the adorable results!!

 I used THIS pattern to create a lightweight, perfectly sized, adorably usable nursing cover with a washcloth pocket to store nursing pads and also do double duty as a wipe for baby cheeks or mamas.

The only big change I made was I just decided to tie the cover instead of use D-rings, because I thought it was cuter, and I put ribbon along the top. 

We went to La Sandia, highly recommended! Check out their rooftop dining, I will have to go back with my hubbie.

And last, but not least, my Snugglie Taggie Blankie, (directions HERE.) I think it turned out perdy darn cute as well!

Bring on the baby showers!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My DIY Farmhouse Clock

Tackling one room at a time, I really wanted a BIG farmhouse clock for our front room to go next to our barnwood Life Is Beautiful sign, but most definitely didn't want to pay for one. Thus... my creation was born.

 My inspiration was HERE but I need to budget-wise make my own. This clock cost me $8 total, all I had to buy was the hands, and if I was smart and used a 40% off coupon at Micheals it would have been cheaper, but I was impatient and running errands with little ones.

I might have to paint over my 9 and make it more square. It bugs me that it is a little up... even though I like imperfection, I don't think I like that 9! It was a pretty quick and easy project, luckily.

I started with a circle of wood, painted it black, painted it white, sanded it a bit, painted the numbers in black, sanded them a bit, drilled a hole in the middle, stuck the clock thing in the hole (and used wood glue and tiny nails to prop it a bit in the back so it didn't stick out too far in the front), and finished it all with a finishing sealer. I had outdoor spray paint sealant laying around, so I just used that.

Here's a few before pics...

My Life is Beautiful sign (inspiration HERE, hers is more beautiful, but I loved the saying, I loved that I could make it out of the old barnwood sitting in our garage, and I think it turned out OK...) sits next to my new clock, and in between is our family cross, not sure if that is staying, and I'm on the hunt for a lantern to hang under the clock.   Something like this...

Vintage Lanterns

So I guess I'll just have to post some after  pics when the area is fully done, but for now I can see the beginning stages of loving it :)

That cross, though I love it, needs a new spot, and I think I want to make a bigger one, that wall is so big! Something along these lines...

Wood Cross White Wooden Baptismal Christening Confirmation Communion Crucifix Religious Symbolwith maybe 'trust in God' written across it or something... the inspiration cross is from HERE.

Slow progress is still progress... 

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July Cheesecake Brownie Cake

I haven't blogged in so long! A lot of factors combined to create a perfect storm in my house :) But even though I should be cleaning my house, working on my half landscaped yard, dressing my kids for the day, or working on my online job, I really, really, really want to blog, so I am going to do a quick one!

Our neighborhood did a dessert potluck last night for the Fourth, since here in lovely, beautiful Colorado it is touch and go every year whether we can do fireworks or not, and this year, if you've been watching the news at all, was quite obviously a no. So we popped some Poppers I've had since I was a kid, (check out the writing, hilarious.)

and glow necklaces and sat in camping chairs in the street and the kids all played and rode bikes through the cul-de-sac. It was lovely! And I also have a bbq on Saturday so I found an awesomely easy yet yummy dessert, modified it a tiny bit, and popped two in the oven...

I was inspired HERE.  Her pictures are way cuter, and she went with a more 'modern art' feel, where I am pure Americana all the way :)

Here's a few pics of my cakes before I baked them. I liked the springform pan (bottom) because I could pop it out and it was more presentable. But I liked the rectangle because it looked more like a flag... so I could go either way next time...

I don't have an after picture of the circle one because when I went in to grab and serve it my husband was standing on the street waiting for me to run him his chair, since he broke his knee and has cramps in his calf the size of tennis balls, 1 part of my perfect storm! 

The only way I modified her recipe is I doubled the recipe to make two, and then used 1 extra egg (7 total) and when dividing the dough to color it I just made two small bowls of red and blue, then the majority stayed white. So I poured all the white in the pan, and used a knife to 'paint' on the blue and red, and sprinkles for the stars.

I had a bit too much red so my stripes were very thick and misshapen, next time I'll make even less red and blue, but still looked perdy cute!! I'm not a perfectionist, and tell my daughter's constantly, especially when one of them is about to throw a beautiful 4 year old work of art in the trash, that 'I don't like perfect things or perfect people.' If they're making something for me it better not be perfect, and the same goes for my cake! Just like life, a few smudges add character. 

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