Friday, April 12, 2013

Homemade Recipe Platter as a Wedding Present

I had a bit of a hiatus from my blogging because of my cousin's wedding, but I am back! I know I shouldn't have let it, and I know I didn't need to, but I was way stressed out about it. Weddings are such big days and I know how brides like them 'perfect,' or I guess not perfect but there are just certain things that are important to each person. I was so nervous I was going to mess it up!!! For flower girls I have a very spirited (code word for stubborn, determined, not afraid to make a scene) 4 year old and an equally loud and cranky-beyond-reason-for-no-reason-sometimes 2 year old. Top that with the fact that we will be on vacation mode, and I was a bridesmaid so would be distracted or missing from them the day of the wedding... panic!

In the end it was an almost perfect and beautiful, amazing day and I am so glad we were a part of it. I will remember it always.

Here are a few iPhone pics of a few darling moments. We made it to 11:30 (that's when their heads finally hit the pillow, but it was only 9:30 Colorado time I liked to think) with no tantrums, no ruined dresses, no holes in stockings, no flowerclips with petals ripped off, not even a whine!!!!

Getting handed a glass of wine as soon as we walked in to the reception after a day of worrying about the 'big moment'? My smile says it all- what a relief! Job done :)

On to the real reason I posted... the homemade wedding present I made my cousin. Our Oma (my blog's namesake) passed suddenly and unexpectedly in November of last year, so was only at this wedding in spirit. My cousin was very close to her, so I made her a platter with one of Oma's recipes on it- in her own handwriting.

There was always something special about my Oma's writing. It was so unique to us, I'm guessing it was the German style of handwriting, but it will forever bring her spirit alive for us to see the writing.

If you'd like to make a recipe platter for a wedding present or other present for someone, here's what I did...

~Copy the original recipe and zoom it the the size that will fit your platter. 
~Take it to a paint your own pottery place and ask for some graphite paper. 
(That is a tip I wish I would've known. I held it to my window, used a pencil to trace the back of the paper, then used a pencil to rub the recipe onto the platter. I had quite the sore wrist after that!)
~Transfer the recipe to the platter, then use the skinny black paint pen to copy it. The pencil will burn away. 
 ~Don't forget to write a personal message on the back! 



  1. oh my gosh i had no idea you re-started your blog! i used to love reading your old one! i never knew about this one until i saw it titled under your pinterest! you had no need to be worried, you and the girls were amazing and i am so blessed you were a part of the day! i love these pics, i look quite bosomy in the second one so i really enjoy that! LOVE the platter, it will forever be in whatever home we are in and hold a special place in my heart!

    1. I snuck back to it :) I also found yours!! blog buddies!

  2. What a great idea! Did you bake it or seal it to keep the pen from smearing? I would love to try this!

    1. Thanks! I did it at a paint your own pottery place so they finished it for me much more professionally then I could ever do!

  3. Hi there! I LOVE how this turned out and am going to file this away as a wedding gift idea for sure!
    My grandmother was German too and she definitely had distinctive handwriting -- seeing your Oma's writing reminds me of my grandma's!!

  4. Hello there.... I love that idea and I like the final result. I'd love to include this to my list of wedding gift ideas if you won't mind?