Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blue Big Girl Bed and Stuffed Animal Storage

Slowly but surely I'm making progress on our house. Big Girl's room is actually almost together! I have her photo collage and closet organization to finish. I'm so close I can taste it.

I stalk the Shabby Chic section at Target for clearance stuff, and finally scored Big Girl a comforter for her new painted Robin's Egg Blue Bed for a $40 steal. It's just against every fiber of my being to pay full price for anything.

Yay I love it! And bunny made it back to bed, sleeping wrapped in Lucy's arms, only thanks to my amazing aunt and cousin who did battle with TSA and local police to pull bunny from a certain death by TSA agent :) We are SO grateful!!!

The newest greatest addition to Lucy's room and organization is her new stuffed animal storage!!! (You know you're a stay-at-home mom when stuffed animal storage is your big event for the week...)

I Pintrested (not a word yet, but just give it time... :) ) 'stuffed animal storage' and saw some adorable cute ideas, but my favorite ideas by far were the planters on the walls. I found this perfect white distressed wall hanger at Hobby Lobby. 

What I love even more is that now we have a rule that if it doesn't fit into the hanger, then some stuffies have to go.

So close to the final product. But today it's on to yard work in a feeble attempt to get it done before the heat of summer starts! 

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  1. aw! we were happy to get bunny back where he belongs!!! and is that our tramp stuffy i spy? i am so glad he found a home where he will be played with and loved, better than my mom's basement in a garbage bag of stuffys!!! it all looks great, and bobby and i agree you need a show on HGTV!