Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pallet Shelf and Towel Holder

My first pallet project is officially finished. I have joined the pallet Pintrest club. Well, if there was a club, I'd be in it.

It's not hung on our wall yet. I made it for the kids' bathroom. (I am desperately trying to tackle just one room at a time, starting with their bathroom since my husband retiled the floor and counter but everything else is... bleh. However... seeing as I moved our dining room table out of the front room so now the front room is stark and empty, and now desire a coffee station/hutch in the kitchen, and I'm halfway through doing my eldest daughter's room... my 'one room at a time' plan isn't quite working out for me!!)

Here is what used to hang in the girls' bathroom...

It's a cute idea, but was just at the start of my DIY days. I bought the shelf from Micheals and chalk painted (original chalk paint, that is actually chalkboard paint) the back so we could use chalk to write names on the pegs. I loved this idea because my in-laws stay a lot and I could give everyone a named hook. But now that we retiled and everything is looking so good I wanted something different... (plus, I hate all that stuff on the shelf, but since I am a licensed daycare provider I cannot have anything on the counter or even in the medicine cabinet!!! I was written up for kids' toothpaste being in the medicine cabinet last time, so started keeping everything up there.)

The plan is to replace it with this pallet shelf and towel holder. (First I have to paint the walls a nice creamy white...) The top will hold little decorative things like mason jars and a little plant. The hooks are for robes and towels and washrags. And that gap under the hooks is a shelf where I can store all that stuff that will also be partially hidden with the towels, but very accessible and easy to put away. 

Total cost out of pocket: $12 and some change for the hooks. The paint, stain, nails, and sandpaper I had on hand. The pallet was free from Murdochs. 

I am hooked. I will soon have a house full of pallets. 

UPDATE: I am now using it as a backpack holder in our laundry room/bathroom/mudroom area :)


  1. I love this Bridget! I told Lucas about it and we might copy your idea :-) I hope that is ok :-)

    1. You can not only copy, but I will help you! :)