Friday, March 15, 2013

Making Sense of the World

bad things happen. it's sad.

We can't help but turn our eyes and prayers up and wonder why. Especially about the really bad things. Especially about the innocent children.

We praise God and thank Him for all our blessings, but it is a lot harder to be grateful when we are struggling with pain and sorrow. It's a lot more tempting to wonder and ask why.

Vintage Framed Crewel Embroidery God Bless Our Home
Our knowledge is so limited. Like when we tell our own very young children they can't have every one of their little hearts' desires.... like watching movies all day and night or chocolate bars for every meal or skipping brushing their teeth every day. It's very clear to us why we have to be strong and keep them safe and healthy, but they are just heartbroken that they can't have what they want.  My two year old likes to fall to the floor in utter despair when she can't have another cookie, or it is time for a nap.

I have to believe it is the same with our own Father.

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I do believe he loves us enough that His heart does break when he sees our sadness, and He will make it up to us in other ways, just like we do our own children.

The deacon at our church gave a sermon once. He explained how as a child he would watch his mother embroider from the floor and all he could see was a big mess. He would ask her what on Earth she was making; it looked horrible.


Have you ever seen the backside of an embroidery piece? It is all a big mess. Let's be honest, sometimes life looks and feels like a big mess... from our viewpoint. And let's also be honest, we have quite a selfish viewpoint. We all do, it's just human. We look through a lense of ourselves and our desires.

One day, with faith, we will look at the embroidery from above.

beautiful embroidery by Aimee Ray -
The stories we have of our afterlife are pretty darn good. So while we wait I pray that we all find peace amongst the sadness, and find relief by helping others through their own sad times. There is nothing that makes my heart happier than helping others... or finishing a painting project... it's kind of a tie. OK, not really... but close.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

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