Monday, March 4, 2013

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Decor

The baby shower has come and gone! I feel like I have nothing left to do... oh, wait, I forgot in a month I am a bridesmaid and my daughter's are flower girls... off to hem dresses and make flower clips!

I showed up at the baby shower in an adrenaline and Starbucks fueled race to decorate, and was done with atleast 20 mins to spare, yahoo!

Here is how it turned out, and I have to thank my favorite little sister for helping me wield the glue gun at naptimes for a week :)

 The door or wall decor. Scrapbook paper, a Cricut, clothespins, and a ribbon. I hung everything at the party with Command Strips, because we could just stick things anywhere.

Because it's a 'surprise' baby, we don't have a name yet, so we printed off letters on the computer to spell 'baby bygott' (which is obviously their last name.) Letters are HERE. I put clothes pins on the tops of the cardstock for effect, but really they are stuck to the wall with Command Strips.

Our centerpieces. Because we held the shower at a clubhouse, we had a few small tables to decorate, so we used little antique milk bottles with marshmallow flowers. The signs in the marshmallows said 'baby' and 'eat me' and were made using the cricut, the same scrapbook paper, a glue stick, kabob sticks and stamps.  

Um, on a sidenote, the backside of the girl there is the 8 month pregnant mom-to-be... jealous? I am. You can't even tell she's pregnant from behind!!! I was totally laid up with my sweats by then :) I remember my mom bringing me maternity sweat pants in month 8, it was like heaven in a shopping bag. I don't think I took them off again.

I digress... the flowers were made using marshmallows, vanilla bark, kabobs, and sprinkles. The girls and I melted the chocolate in a double boiler (actually, I don't have one, so I stuck my glass Pampered Chef mixing bowl on top of my smallest sauce pan :) ) 

Either way, then when the chocolate was melted, you spear the marshmallow, dip it in chocolate, then dip it in colored sprinkles.

As part of my present, and part of the decor, we hung up little diapers, tiny little clothes, and the hand-knit hats I made them.

Next to the t.v. is the sign I made (see post HERE,) the matching hand-knit booties to the hat, and an old vinegar bottle filled with lemon drops and marshmallow flowers. Even though each bouquet of flowers had an 'eat me' sign, I think only 3 got eaten, so guess where they ended up? Yup, mostly my tummy during clean up or that night.

The appetizer table complete with diaper cake. The diaper cake used 1 1/2 big boxes of newborn and size 1 diapers, had Johnson's All Natural Baby soap and lotion on the top, two binkies, and a tube of Desitin. It was all part of my present, but doubled as decoration!

The antique 'BABY' blocks that are actually from my daughter's room. Switch them around and they spell her name :) I read HERE  that you should always look around your house and find decor that will tie the theme together that you don't need to buy. My sister found a jar full of lemons at her house that we set up next to the iced tea stand.

The favors- little baggies, (a pack of 40 at the Dollar Store!) full of lemon drops from Sprouts, with yellow card stock folded over and little umbrella's from the same green dotted scrapbook paper (cut with the Cricut) with 'thanks for dropping by!' on them. Inspiration HERE (though my sister and I agree ours were cuter.)

The girls in charge of the food brought along this adorable sign to set out on the food table.

If you read the sign above you'll know this was before all the food was set out, but I forgot to take a picture once all the delicious food was there, so here's the pic you get. In the middle of the table they also put together that adorable picture frame of the mom and dad when they were babies. adorable.

We used mason jars to hold the plastic silverware because I have a million in my basement, and it also went well with the color scheme.

Overall, we were very happy with how it all turned out. It all came together and was very affordable to combine the decorations with my gifts. I loved having it at a clubhouse because I wasn't as crazy worried that my daughter's would spill their Izze, though I still kept an eye on them!


  1. Great baby shower Bridget!! I am impressed by all the little details .... and your cricut machine?? I think I need one of those!! So cute -- well done :-) If I know of anyone having a baby and needs a baby shower I'll give them your name :-)