Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chalkpainted Bathroom Vanity

One more stage of my kids' bathroom is complete. The floor and countertop are tiled thanks to my husband. I finished building the towel holder, shelf, and 'stuff' holder out of a pallet. [see it here] And last night I finished the vanity! It only took a few hours and was my first foray into Annie Sloan's chalkpaint. Started at naptime and finished after bedtime, I'm so happy with how quickly the painting goes when I don't have to sand and prep!!!

I am very happy with the work. I had to take very strategic pictures because the walls are still that pale lime green... hideous. Yes, I did it, but I was going for 'sage green' and it turned out pale lime and then I started having babies and landscaping our yard so it has stayed. It's atleast better than the yellow and dark green sponge painted mess that was there when we moved in. Whoever did it even sponge painted the ceiling?!?

Yes, my toilet is labeled toilet. You can take the 1st grade teacher out of the classroom, but... well I can't figure out how to finish that saying but you get the idea.

I hope to have this bathroom done in a week or so... but you know how that goes, especially since we're going to the mountains this weekend and the next weekend the girls and I are flying to New York for a wedding.

I used Old White Chalkpaint with Clear Wax on top. If you are thinking of doing this and have any questions please feel free to comment!

ps like every Thursday sharing here!

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