Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lucy's Jewelry Box

Big girl has been collecting jewelry for 4 years now, all very expensive stuff :), and it has been collecting in a mound on her toy shelves in her room. I do want to teach her to take care of her stuff and put things away, but we didn't have a good spot for it all. And being the thrifter and DIYer extraordinaire that I am {bit of sarcasm there!} I found an old school jewelry box at our local Goodwill. (It was a very happy day in my world when we got a Goodwill and a Salvation Army right here in our town! I guess a growing town isn't all bad!)

So we scooted over to JoAnns and she picked out, (with just a little direction from Mom), some coordinating scrapbook paper.

After finally sneaking the box away and telling the girls Arial needed to find a new fish tank I was able to paint, distress, Mod Podge, and seal the box. I am pretty darn happy about the results...

p.s. I linked this up to Kelly's Korner blog HERE.
what a cute blog and quite a few good posts on that link!
Thank goodness she finally has a place to keep her really expensive jeweled rings and the rings off of her preschool birthday parties :) 

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