Thursday, February 7, 2013

Handmade LOVE Sign

Last week I posted about a wedding I'm going to and the barnwood family name sign I made them here. This was the second present they received from us. It is a handmade wall plaque with the word 'LOVE' on it, made out of their wedding invitation.


I was just pickled with how it turned out :) And even more excited when we visited their house and I saw it would match the color scheme perfectly... sigh.

Obviously as a wedding present this project is awesome with the word love made out of the invitation. However I was inspired by this project here, where s/he made a sign out of a single large photograph of a beach. (I sure hope that link works. It was one of those darn pintrest links where they linked their main blog page, not the actual post, so I liked this to my pin...) This project is easy to envision other uses for...

Anyway, here is my quick and simple tute...

1. trace the letters you want on the back of your invitation/paper. You could use stencils or even a Cricut machine, but like always I just free handed it! 

 2. lay the letters out on the board you bought or cut to fit your project.

3. paint the board your color choice. I did a nice tan from the 'oops paint' section. I always use matte indoor paint. If you want a different color to show through when you distress it then paint that color under your main color.

4.  Use sandpaper to sand off the edges, smooth out the paint if need be, round the corners, and take a few places of paint off in the middle of the board.

5. I don't have a picture of this exact step- but go over the paint with a minwax poly stain. I love antique walnut because it really darkens up the color, but their are lighter shades if you don't want to darken your color. Use gloves and a rag to wipe the stain on then wipe it off to get your desired effect. It will finish up the project nicely. Once dry use Mod Podge (in picture) to stick letters to the board. I had to put mine on one at a time, then put my cutting board and a full fruit bowl on top to be sure it dried flat! Cover entire sign with another (or two) coat(s) of Mod Podge.

6. Attach a picture hanger on the back. Another thing I forgot to take a picture of, but if you follow the link at the top of this page to the barnwood sign I took a picture of it there, and I used exactly the same one.

I would've LOVED this when I got married. I adored my invitations but really didn't know what to do with them. I wonder if I have any stuffed in a box somewhere...

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