Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Handmade Baby Room Sign

This will be one of my additions to my sister-in-law's baby shower... I am in charge of decorations! I am SO super happy with how this turned out! They are waiting to find out the gender- this girl has patience! When I was carrying a 7lb basketball under my sweatshirts for 9 months that made me want sleep all the time, but, oh wait, I couldn't because I couldn't actually lay down... there was no way I was making myself wait for anything! I digress... so the goal was to make a gender neutral sign that could be used as babyshower decor and also move in to the nursery if they so choose. The result?

cute, right? 
The baby shower theme is green and yellow. The room will be green and brown with a slight bird theme. Did I hit the mark?  I hope so...

Quick and dirty tute:
 1. cut and paint a board. I used the leftover board from when my husband tiled our bathroom counter.

 2. Sand it smooth and distress it. Round the corners, make it look how you want, etc.

 3. I hit mine with the back end of a hammer a few times, mostly in the corners. It adds a touch of character.
 4. Wipe Minwax Poly Stain over the top with a rag and gloves, wiping off excess. I used antique walnut, but I actually wish I went one shade lighter...
 5. Use paint to paint on your words. Many times I use acrylic craft paint. I didn't realize I had run out of brown, so I actually used a tester of regular old wall paint from Home Depot for the brown. Decoupage (use Mod Podge) your letters and bird on. I used my Cricut to cut out the YOU and the little sweet birdie. Then do one layer of Mod Podge over the whole sign to be sure the finish is even.
6. Hand a picture hanger on the back. I havent' done this yet, but you can see what kind I use here on my Barnwood Family Name sign. 

I think I love making signs :)

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