Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get Inspired!!!

This week I linked up with Crafty, Scrappy, Happy HERE to get inspired for the week. It's a happy hour sort of thing on Thursday nights for everyone to share what their week is like, or so it seems. This is my first week doing it, but that is sure what I get out of it!

I am usually at yoga... OK, twice I went... in a row! but I'm supposed to usually be at yoga, but since it's Valentine's Day and all I am at home enjoying my family... or blogging... hmmm. I did my bit, we had heart pizzas, heart cookies, and then my amazing husband came home with craft putty as the girlies Valentine's Day present and they are deeply engrossed in making tiny animals, which almost made me cry watching them. He is amazing. So I snuck up to blog.  But I'm heading back down now to join the fun.

But, anyways, check out the party with the link above and get inspired!! I linked up my baby room sign because I am in love with it :)

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