Monday, February 25, 2013

Dog Days of Winter Challenge: Clean It

I took the challenge from the linky party the Dog Days of Winter.
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 We were under a blizzard warning all day on Sunday, and if it wasn't a blizzard out there it was pretty darn close! So I spent the day nursing sick Abby, who was kind of doing ok that day thank goodness, and cleaning out my pantry. The only drawback... I wasn't able to run to get more organizational supplies so had to make due. So it's not completely done, as I would like to paint the inside and get cuter baskets...
but here's the big (not so interesting) reveal...
(and sorry, it's really really hard to take pictures of my pantry- small door but big inside, it's awkward, so I just kind of tried to give you and idea...)

And, I know you're waiting with baited breath... AFTER

My favorite part about the after was that I moved all my kids' art and activity stuff onto the bottom shelf, where they can easily pull it out. The big pink tupperware is full of playdough, the white basket/tub thing is full of activity books and paper, and the box is crayons and markers, and you can't really see but on the left is painting supplies. 

My second favorite change was putting a basket full of old towels and rags. I don't buy paper towels, I think they are amazingly wasteful and unneccesary. So I keep a basket of old towels and rags that anyone can grab to mop up a mess and throw in the laundry room. It used to be on an upper shelf in the laundry room, but now it is where the kiddos can reach, and they can help clean up their own spills more, yay! 

Want to see the blizzard?
Look at my adorable doggie running through the it-must've-been at least 10" snowfall, as it was well over the top of my tall boots in the drifts.

Be sure to check out the other amazing cleaning ideas over at the Linky party!

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