Friday, January 4, 2013

My Simple Budget System

As wonderful as excel and technology are, I'm just not good at keeping up with it! So I'm giving in and doing a paper and pencil budget this year.

So I am printing off a bunch of these... (click HERE for the word document if you want to give it a try)
I'm going to print off a bunch and put them into my 3-ring-binder planner, (once again, I like the paper and pencil option for my weekly plans and to-do lists. I use THIS one.)

Then I am going to keep it in my car and when I spend money I am going to record it in my car before I leave the parking lot. Hopefully that simple extra step will help me avoid the 'never actually recording my purchases or budgeting at all really because I have 10 loads of laundry to put away' syndrome. Then I'll stick the receipts in a monthly envelope and keep all past months in a gallon-size ziploc. (I already do that because I keep my receipts for taxes for my in home childcare.)

I will post how it's going and more as I get a few months under my belt...

ps i put a few random numbers in there to show you how I use it...

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