Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Coupon Saturday

This Saturday I had one priority... hit the King Soopers Mega Event armed with coupons before it ended. I spent about 20-30 mins organizing my plan (I like to write my grocery list in the order that I walk the store, produce to dairy) and matching coupons using the Bargain Blessings website, (and I always read the comments, too, because readers find great finds!!), got the girls' movie player, snacks, and headed to the store.

I used THIS page to match up my sales and coupons.

Here are my spoils... all for $30.32 (plus I had to get full price $5.19 Soynut Butter for my daughter's preschool lunches.)

All in all I got/spent:

(just sale prices)
9 black beans for $0.49 each
4 big bags of noodles, 2 big boxes of quick cook  noodles, and 4 boxes Betty Crocker mac-n-cheese for $0.49 each
1 gallon milk for $2.19
2 McCormick's Grill Mates marinades for $0.49 each
1 bag Pepperidge farm goldfish for $0.99
1 Markdown whole wheat bread for $1.69
(sale prices plus coupons on top)
6 Good N' Natural granola bars for $0.14 each with a coupon
2 packs of Reach floss I earned $0.10 each on
2 single toothbrushes for $0.79 each
1 box Colgate toothpaste for free
1 Colgate toothbrush for free
1 bottle Johnson's all natural Babywash (part of a baby shower present) for $1.49
4 boxes Hefty Slider bags for $0.24 each
2 cans Rotel diced tomatoes with cilantro and lime for $0.09 each
Neosporin for $1.49
1 GE lightbulb (found in markdown, then used coupon) $0.59
baking soda $0.89

and the soynut butter for $5.19
taxes: $2.05
Total Cost: $30.32
total coupon savings: $61.85
68% savings!

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  1. Wow Bridget! I am SUPER impressed! I definitely need to get it in gear and coupon too ... I spent a ridiculous amount on groceries this week!