Monday, January 21, 2013

My $55 Dollar Collage Wall

The wall above our dining room table was big and empty, so I spent a summer gathering old wooden frames at garage sales of all different shapes and sizes and colors. I used some antique white acrylic paint to turn them into this...

The basic cost breakdown:
$12 for frames (all the littler ones I found at garage sales for 50 cents tops. The largest one was from Goodwill for $5)
$12.94 to print off family photos in black and white at Walmart
$5 (a very generous estimate) for acrylic craft paint (found in the craft section at Walmart as well)
$24 (ish) for photo mats. The small ones were all $1.50 at Wallies, the largest one $2, and I'm pretty sure the middle ones were $2 as well. Some of the frames actually came with mats, so I didn't spend the full $24 myself. The mats are all a bit different as well, but once the frames are all painted the same and the photos are all in I think it adds to the character, if people even notice, which they don't.

 The quick steps:
1. buy wooden frames, mats and then the pictures (once you know what size frames you found)
2. take the glass out of the frame and rough up the frames a tiny touch with sandpaper
3. paint the frames with antique white (or any color) acrylic paint
4. lightly sand away the edges and corners
5. put in pictures
6. lay the frames on the floor testing out different arrangements
7. put a touch of toothpaste on the back where the nail will go, stick the frame on the wall where you want it, put the nail where the toothpase is stuck on the wall, wipe all the paste off, and hang your frame

I love this collage in my home. I have pictures of my babies, my wedding, my husband as a baby, siblings, etc. I just love having it, and I love that I can add to it at any time as well. It is actually time for a few new pics...

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