Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Distressed Kitchen Chairs

Here are my new kitchen chairs. Not new, per se. A $5 per chair garage sail find from the summer. I love the style, but didn't like the color. Here's how they were before:
I guess I didn't take a before picture, so here's a picture of my daughter's bedhead breakfast face sitting in one. You can get the idea, they were an old, beat up brown. So here's what I did... first sanded them up a bit with a Black and Decker mouse sander, though you could do it by hand if you wanted. Then I painted them a dark green and then an antique white on top (both from the markdown section at Home Depot, so only $2.50 each) Pick whatever color you want to show through and paint that on the bottom. Or if you just want white with wood showing through, just paint white on brown.

Then I sanded the white down to get the result I wanted. I wanted to go very distressed with these, so I did a lot of sanding and even hit the chairs with the wrong side of a hammer, (the side you use to take the nails out.)

 Then I used an oak colored poly shade and wiped it over the whole chair with a rag. Wear gloves for this part if you don't want sticky hands for a few hours to days. I, of course, always skip that part and have to deal with horrible hands!! I did a few coats, it gives it a kind of 'dirty' look (of course the darker the color shade you use the more 'dirty' it will look) and also gives it a protective finish. Let the shade gather up and be darker in creases and things where a real antique would have dirt collected, like the little rings on the posts and such.


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