Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Week of School Presents

My daughter loves preschool, and she loves her teachers. That alone is worth it's weight in gold! So I want to let her teachers know how much I appreciate their kindness to her during the day.

And... I was a primary teacher. And I know how exhausting that first week of school is. And they are doing most children's first week of school ever! So it must be tiring!

Here is what I made my two lovely preschool teachers...

I used my cricut to embellish cute white bags that said 'Thank You' and filled them with... 
 homemade peach preserves and...
 a note about how great they are! I used a rectangle of patterned paper, then a rectangle of plain paper, then the same patterned paper to make my apple with the cricut. I wrote "it's the little things..." at the beginning, then continued on to tell them how I am thankful for the little things they do, and at the end thanked them for one little thing I knew they did, like when one of her teacher's held her hand on the way back from the playground, or read her lunchbox note to her.

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