Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1st Day of Preschool!!

Around here I am still in my clear out the clutter madness, so am not posting much, (seriously, 1 major garage sale with multiple carloads of stuff, and then still 4 trips to Goodwill with at least 4 trash bags in each trip!) I've been reading the Happiness Project, and though I am not starting my own project, I am taking her up on some of her advice, including getting organized! 

However, we had a big day today! And I since writing is a big love of mine, (you'd never be able to tell with how little I post...) I am going to post about our 1st day of Preschool!!!

My good friend told me of this chalkboard idea she saw on Pintrest, and though I am not on Pintrest... yet... I wanted to join in the fun!

So the idea would be that you take the same picture every year and create an album for your child when they graduate high school. I think it is pretty darn cute!

And here is the lunchbox note I stuck in her lunchbox. Quick stamps with a glittery sticker. I will get more creative next week, but she did tell me that her teacher read it to her, and that made me smile. 

Cute cute! Link up your favorite 1st day of school ideas! I found one, (a day too late) about 1st day of school Jitter Glitter and a party the night before. Next year!

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