Friday, August 24, 2012

Backyard Chickens Update

Our little A-frame coop- isn't it cute? I planted a grass and some flowers in front of it, but they are still working on growing!

Here's Daisy (do you read Jan Brett?)

Our curious birdie, whom we've raised since she was a chickie in March. She was around $2 at Murdoch's. 

 Here's the chickies when they were babies. We sadly lost two when we were on vacation and had 'chickie sitters.' :(

This has got to be the same chickie, don't you think? :) Daisy the camera (people) lover.

Our curious, lovable, friendly Daisy. She is the survivor of the pack. And she is the sweetest, most gentle girl. She chases the kids around the yard, runs to see us when we come out back, hangs out with our dog. She is the  best. But we couldn't leave her all alone all winter until we got new chicks next spring. She needs a buddy to keep her company when we're not out playing in the yard this winter. So we found a chicken adoption program.

This old bird...
we picked up for $5. Poor thing is an ex-industry hen. Her beak has been clipped on the top to prevent her from pecking other birds because she was kept in such close contact. She was so very skitish of us when we first got her, and even pecked poor Daisy quite a bit and Daisy had no idea what was going on! But now she is settling in and getting used to the 'easy life.' 1/4 acre she can share with Daisy, our dog (also a shelter rescue), and our family of four. She seems to be figuring out that she can trust us, and is even starting to let the girls pet her, though there is no way she is going to let them pick her up like Daisy does... yet :) She is now named Rapunzel by my 3 year old.

 Excuse our landscaping project, but here is our happy little herd.
I think it took around 4 days for our silly old dog to realize we had an extra chicken, and when she finally realized we had a new chicken and found out Rapunzel actually ran from her (or played with her, as Chloe saw it, unlike Daisy who just pecks her nose and makes her leave her alone) she thought it was so fun. Chloe was having a grand old time chasing poor old Rapunzel around the yard until I made Chloe go inside! 

If anyone stumbles upon this page and has questions, please ask! Also check out
But my favorite place to get down to Earth answers is Murdoch's or my friends or family who've had chickens in the past.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Week of School Presents

My daughter loves preschool, and she loves her teachers. That alone is worth it's weight in gold! So I want to let her teachers know how much I appreciate their kindness to her during the day.

And... I was a primary teacher. And I know how exhausting that first week of school is. And they are doing most children's first week of school ever! So it must be tiring!

Here is what I made my two lovely preschool teachers...

I used my cricut to embellish cute white bags that said 'Thank You' and filled them with... 
 homemade peach preserves and...
 a note about how great they are! I used a rectangle of patterned paper, then a rectangle of plain paper, then the same patterned paper to make my apple with the cricut. I wrote "it's the little things..." at the beginning, then continued on to tell them how I am thankful for the little things they do, and at the end thanked them for one little thing I knew they did, like when one of her teacher's held her hand on the way back from the playground, or read her lunchbox note to her.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My antiqued antique desk

So I had this yellow flowery desk since our neighbor gave it to us when we were kids. I adore it, and always have, but I don't have space for it anymore. So I Craigslisted it, (is that a word yet? It is in my world!)

Well, no one wanted my yellow, flowery antique, that was actually antiqued through nature. So I painted it white and distressed it. Let's see if it sells any faster...


I'll be honest, I like the white! Sorry butterflies.

1st Day of Preschool!!

Around here I am still in my clear out the clutter madness, so am not posting much, (seriously, 1 major garage sale with multiple carloads of stuff, and then still 4 trips to Goodwill with at least 4 trash bags in each trip!) I've been reading the Happiness Project, and though I am not starting my own project, I am taking her up on some of her advice, including getting organized! 

However, we had a big day today! And I since writing is a big love of mine, (you'd never be able to tell with how little I post...) I am going to post about our 1st day of Preschool!!!

My good friend told me of this chalkboard idea she saw on Pintrest, and though I am not on Pintrest... yet... I wanted to join in the fun!

So the idea would be that you take the same picture every year and create an album for your child when they graduate high school. I think it is pretty darn cute!

And here is the lunchbox note I stuck in her lunchbox. Quick stamps with a glittery sticker. I will get more creative next week, but she did tell me that her teacher read it to her, and that made me smile. 

Cute cute! Link up your favorite 1st day of school ideas! I found one, (a day too late) about 1st day of school Jitter Glitter and a party the night before. Next year!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Antiqued, Distressed Children's Wardrobe Turned Buffet

I haven't posted in a while because I went on a Clear Out the Clutter madness around my house. I'm still in the middle of it, but took a break to refinish an old children's wardrobe into our new dining room buffet.I painted it and distressed it into an antique finish that I love!

In my clear out the clutter madness I took this out of my daughter's room and bought her a 9-cube organizer from Home Depot.

I like these because I put their books in the top 3 cubes, then fill the bottom six with fabric drawers and put their toys in them.

Anyway, so I took this dresser out of my daughter's room, which is an adorable antique children's wardrobe that was actually my siblings and I's when we were young. I was about to sell it on craigslist and buy an old buffet for our dining room, when I realized I kind of liked it as our buffet, and I also didn't really want to get rid of it because of it's history with our family.

Antique Sewing Table Refinish

In my Clear Out the Clutter Madness I decided if I had a piece of furniture I wasn't using I had to get rid of it, no matter how much I loved it. I've had this old sewing table a friend gave me sitting around my house and my mom's house for over a year. So it was make or break time for it. I decided to refinish it and if I loved it, keep it, and if I didn't sell it on Craigslist... well, I loved it. It is now in our kitchen where the highchair used to be!

Here is my antiqued, distressed old sewing machine table... old black sewing machine still inside!

I used 'oops' paint from Home Depot, so total cost of make-over was $1, because I already owned the stain. (I did two coats of $0.50 oops paint, then distressed, then covered with Poly Stain.)