Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lost Sock Solution

Where do lost socks go? Who knows. Is there a cure? Well, yes... and no. There is a cure, and I have the answer, or at least an answer. However, it takes a tiny bit of diligence from your entire family. So, is it a sure-fire solution? No. Goodness knows even a tiny bit of diligence is hard to squeeze out of everyone. But my solution WILL help your family's laundry, I promise! I have never had so few lost socks in my life!!

So here is my lost sock solution: the plastic clothes pin from Walmart, or 'peg' as my English husband calls them.

I keep a basket of them by dirty laundry hampers.  When I throw dirty socks in the laundry, I clip them together. It really takes just 1 extra second, I timed it. So it really is a small amount of diligence. 
When you pull your socks out of the laundry, they will still be together! It seems like magic, but it is true! I use the same peg to hang my socks up on the line, then throw the peg in with the clean, dry laundry when I am done. When I put the laundry away, I throw the pegs in the basket by the dirty laundry hamper. No more lost socks! Well.. in a perfect world.
This diligence, as simple as it seems, fails us sometimes. Every now and then I find a lone sock on the living room floor. I know, I know, my family is crazy. This would never happen to anyone else. But it happens to us. So I made a lone, lost sock hanger that I hang in our laundry room. I just super-glued clothes pins to a painted and distressed board and staple gunned a ribbon to the back. Easy, cheap and quick, and it has lasted for 5 years now, so pretty good! I usually find my matches this way. Every now and again I give up and throw a sock away.

I hope this post can help you! I absolutely adore my sock solution. I read other solutions... safety pin the socks together- too much effort, wash them rolled up- won't clean mine good enough, keep them in a bag- I will never go through that bag! buy all the same socks- boring... I can't remember the rest, but, either way, this solution finally worked for me. I have officially been using it for one year, and still like it, so it passes my test, for what that is worth!

Can you perfect my solution? Add your thoughts to the comments!

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