Friday, June 8, 2012

Let God Wash Away Your Dirt

Our town was pummeled with a very scary storm a few days ago. Six tornadoes touched down in our area; thankfully, a tree was the only victim I've heard since I last watched the news. I sat on my daughter's bed and read Madeline with one eye out the window in case a twister came our way, ready to grab the girls and run to the basement if needed, but not wanting to keep them up until who knows when, either.

The next morning when I went to let Daisy, our adorable chicken, out of her coop I surveyed some of our damage. Sadly, my prize peonies, (ok, the only prize they've actually won is the one I bestowed on them myself, the prize of being the most beautiful flowers in my yard,) took a brutal beating. There they lay on the ground, broken, beaten, and covered in dirt. Without their stems they were doomed to dry out and die.
I gathered the flowers off the ground and washed them. It reminded me of baptism, how Jesus washes away our sins and dirt. He makes us clean again.
Then He puts us in a vase where we can be constantly refilled with His peace, love, and serenity- if only we look for it.
I could look at all the mess and dirt that surrounds me right now. The hail was the size of ping pong balls. Our roof is ruined, our fences are gashed everywhere, there are holes in many of my kids' outdoor toys. And then there are the flowers, leaves, and tree branches strewn on the lawn. But intead I will choose to focus on what was saved, and what can still be saved.

Our God is a God who saves. Psalm 68:20

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