Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting the Most Out of Your Weekend

Now that I have kids I am always struggling with not having enough time. My workout has become the many times I go up and down the stairs each day holding a 25-pound baby. The only t.v. shows I watch are Sesame Street or Super Why, and my movie nights consist of Tangled and Cinderella. Laundry day is now every day of the week, and in my spare time all I want to do is sleep.

So with lawn projects, cleaning, cooking, errands, and a multitude of other projects just begging to reach the top of my weekend to-do list, how do I get the perfect balance between enjoying my weekend, relaxing, and also getting things done, (because to my hubbsters and I, getting projects done is a big source of our satisfaction out of life, though if it takes over our time it actually turns to stress.)

I found a few ideas that help me balance out my weekends.

1. One day I focus more on things that need to get done, and one day I focus more on my family. Usually Saturday is spent doing projects or running errands or just doing things around the house; then, on Sunday, we try to something fun as a family, (zoo, pool, even just play at a park for a few hours.)

2. I remind my self of two phrases Ann Voskamp wrote: "Life is not an emergency. Life's a gift. Just slow." and "Hurry hurts kids." I try to remind myself that none of this stuff is as important as my people.

3. I say no to a lot of social events. I know that friends and family are incredibly important in life. However, my Hubbsters and I are introverts, and we gain our strength and happiness from doing things alone, hearing peace, and we both despise large gatherings. Now I give myself permission to say no to weddings and other events unless they are very important. If I do say yes, I leave early. Keeping our weekends to ourselves seems selfish sometimes, but we did create our own little family, so we do want to enjoy just the four of us sometimes.

4. We use our grandparents. People who don't have family in town can find a couple with kids the same age or an older friend who just needs some baby/little kid time. We have all of the above, we are very blessed.

5. Sometimes we spend time apart. Hubbsters is off fishing. He'll come back renewed, refreshed and ready to give. We will all benefit from that.

Putting it into practice...
This weekend my parent's took my 3 year old to a parade, while I ran to Crate & Barrel with my youngest and bought a wedding registry gift, (a little me time.) (And Hubbsters if off fishing, his time.) This afternoon/evening I am going to keep working on my garden path project, and the girls can play outside in the baby pool after they wake up from naps, then heading into our town's festival to ride the carousel horses and get ice cream. Then, tomorrow, we are spending time as a family: church, Skype call to England to say hello to the Grandparent's, and probably a group trip to IKEA (we love going there, but also have some returns) and a family BBQ. So I tried to mix in stuff I had to do, with stuff that will renew and refresh us.

Do you have more ideas? Add them into the comments! What will your weekend look like?

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