Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daily Prayers of Grace and Thanksgiving for Mothers

Prayers to help turn thoughts to thanks and grace during the trying times of mothering...

 Lord, thank you for the daily opportunity to clean up after my children, I know other women praying daily for blessings to clean up after, and I have been graced with [two].

Lord, thank you for this home to clean, and capable hands to clean it. Please give me the wisdom to know when to clean, when to pray, when to play, and the strength to follow Your guidance in choosing.

Lord, thank you for the innocence of the eyes that brim with tears at a broken toy or stubbed toe, and give me the strength and wisdom to teach those eyes to see grace in the real pain that is coming.

Lord, help me focus on the joy in the creation, not the work in the clean-up, in the mess of toys and paint and play dough.

 Lord, give me the peace and calm that comes in the knowledge that these hard days are a blessing that has been given to me. These children are the biggest gift I will receive in my life. Give me the strength to stop and thank You for them every time we eat together.

Lord, help me realize that You are all my kids need, and You are all I need, and all our needs are met in You. Not in a bigger house, a cleaner play-room, or a new dining room table. Help me remember the more we focus on You the less empty we will feel, the happier we will be, and the more loving and peaceful our home will be.

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