Monday, June 11, 2012

B Hap E

That was a license plate I pulled up behind at a light today. Be Happy.
I pulled up behind this license plate on the way to the grocery store with my two kids at 5pm. As you well know, that is the witching hour. My beautiful, adorable, smart, funny children are replaced secretly by fairy children until bedtime. They whine, complain, fight, and all kind of other fairy mischief, unbeknownst to my two little angels who are stashed away in fae land.

B Hap E. Seems easy enough. Yet, if it was, wouldn't we all be singing and dancing in the rain every day? I have a better license plate for you: B Gr8ful. Be Grateful. That is so much easier to do. While driving my two fairy children to the 'horsey and cookie store' (that I was unaware would be OUT of free cookies tonight. really? tonight?) I thought about that license plate and how the phrase 'be happy' can be hard to put into practice. How can I just be happy? What am I actually supposed to do?

On the other hand, it's easy to just 'be grateful.' I push the kids around the store in their Mickey Mouse cart and tell my 3 year old, "if you bother your little sister and make her scream one more time, (this is the sister with the itchy, unexplainable hives bothering her all day and keeping her up at night, and the 4 swollen molars, pretty easy to annoy at the moment) then you are going to have to walk with me." This phrase was not met with much joy, as said 3 year old is currently outgrowing her naps and not in the best of moods by evening. Telling me to 'just be happy' at that point would be met with a noise, something between a sigh and a 'hmpf.'

However, telling myself to 'just be grateful' reminds me that I am grateful to have two, healthy, beautiful children to push in a cart. I am grateful to shop in a store with fresh produce, safe and healthy food, friendly sales people, and enough money to buy what I need to keep my family healthy and happy. I am grateful that I have a safe and reliable car to get us to the store. There are so many blessings bestowed upon me. It's hard to be in a bad mood when counting my blessings.

Next time you are in a foul mood... B Gr8ful

Try and name 3 things you are grateful for, and see what it can do.

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