Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

I picked my kids up from my mom's tonight. She watched them while I went to a baby shower. As my mom bathed them I sat on the floor and talk to her in the steamy room. My 18 month old wandered around brushing her teeth with water until her PJs were soaked from watery drool. My 3.5 year old was so engrossed in washing her mini wonder-woman type dolls, the ones I had when I was a girl, that she can barely stand tipping her head back to allow my mom to wash her hair.

As my mom got up and complained of her knees, and I finished the washing, I flashed back to when it was me in the tub and she was kneeling next to me and the wonder-woman dolls. Her knees didn't hurt then and she had long blonde hair. Why does it feel as if nothing has changed, yet I am the mom kneeling next to my own daughter in the tub. Why do I still see her as my mom, the woman who knows it all, the woman who can cure anything and solve anything? Why do I call her when I don't know if I have to heat up my pre-cooked ham before I can eat it?

Because she always will be the woman who knows it all, and can cure anything, solve anything, and do anything to me. She is strength, wisdom, and love. If I can be but half.

If only this ugly duckling can grow into a swan.
thank you, Mom

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