Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saving Money Tips: Easter Clearance Time!

It's Easter Clearance time!! Go to a few stores, Walmart, King Soopers (known in our neck of the woods as the pink cookie and horsey store), Target, and check out their Easter clearance. Pick out some good gifts for next years Easter baskets, (probably not candy! but chapsticks, toys, egg dying kits, etc.) It is all atleast 50% off now, with more coming off soon! I go early and get the good stuff for 50% off, because that will go fast, then I go back a few days later and get more at 75-90% off.

Pack it all away with your Easter baskets and decorations in a rubbermaid tub labeled Easter. I put my Easter books in there, and even my files for Easter coloring pages and anything I used when I was a teacher. Then next year at Easter, just pull out your rubbermaid and decorate and save some money on your Easter baskets!

If you are a couponer, check out the coupons in your binder. I found a Nestle Cookie Dough coupon for $1 off a package of cookie dough, then combined it with the 50% off sale at King Soopers to get packages of cookie dough for .49 each. I make meals for a ministry at our church that brings meals to moms who've just had babies, so now when I make them dessert I can whip out some easy cheap cookies, and they are just chocolate cookies with spring colored chips, so they aren't necessarily Easter cookies.

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