Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paint Your Own Wine Glasses

Here's a cute frugal homemade gift idea...

I found some really nice wine glasses at Ross on clearance for 1.99 each. Then I got a $5 set of glass paint at JoAnns, it even came with a paintbrush! Overall, around $9, $4.50 each, for a gift for my two amazing Love and Logic teachers. They set up a bottle of wine for us at every class, so it is a gift they can use when they teach.

This was my first set ever, so I learned some tricks, like I don't think I'll do the gold so thick next time, but overall they are so ridiculously cute! I love giving thoughtful, personalized gifts, and I also love when I can make them for cheap, since I'm on the stay at home mom budget.

I know some of you are thinking end of the year teacher's gifts... but these would work for any homemade gift! (... well, as long as the receiver likes to drink wine...)

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