Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natural Family Planning

Here is a saving money strategy... use Natural Family Planning for your birth control and/or to help you get pregnant. I am on my 4th month using NFP and I am hooked. I know it has a bad wrap for not being effective, but used properly, like they teach, it is more effective than birth control. The reason it can fail is because it leaves room for human error, it is the human that has to decide if they are fertile or not. But, let me tell you, NFP makes it really easy to figure out as long as you are doing your recording.
I took my class through the Couple to Couple League. I have never felt more empowered about my body. There have been times where I didn't know what my cycle was doing, why I got such erratic periods, but I have since learned that I have very regular cycles, I just have breakthrough bleeding sometimes. Just by recording my temperature each morning I can clearly see when I ovulate. And it feels so wonderful and natural not to have a foreign object or hormones put into my body. My body is now the way that God created it, and I can enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about what any little pill is doing to my insides.

Plus, the reason I'm posting it here, it is pretty much free birth control. I had to buy a thermometer, I think it was $6, and every so often I have to copy my charts at about $.05 a copy. Not too bad compared to people who pay for birth control each month, somewhere around $30 a month depending on your insurance.

I took a class, too, but you could read the book and follow it. I use the Natural Family Planning book as a reference constantly.

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  1. I use natural family planning too and I LOVE IT! Yes, knowing what is going on with my body makes me feel so empowered too. Plus the connection I feel with my husband is amazing. Knowing there isn't anything between us and that he doesn't want to put my health at risk from hormonal birth control feels great. Plus we have three perfectly timed wonderful boys. I am so thankful for Natural Family Planning.
    check out to answer all the questions you might have about NFP.
    Blessings, Jackie