Monday, April 16, 2012

My $6 Tire Swing

This blog is dedicated to Stay at Home Moms making it work by saving money, right?

Well, my kids were just dying for swings. They absolutely adore them. So I was looking, and I could get a basic swingset from Walmart for $80. That was the cheapest. I guess that's not so bad. But $80 is $80. So I had a creative brainstorming session. and my tire swing was born. All 3 of my older girls can sit on this thing at the same time and swing and spin to their hearts desire. Instead of $80, this thing ran me at $6 plus some change. Not to shabby!

1. Go to Big O Tires (or wherever they sell tires) and ask for an old tire headed for the dumpster- free
2.  Go to Walmart or somewhere and get a thing of outdoor rope with a good amount of weight limit (mine held 144lbs, and I put 4 of them on there, so it will hold 576lbs, so I should be good!)
3. Drill 4 holes through the top of your tire for the ropes, and 4 holes through the bottom for water drainage. 
4.Clmb your tree, or get out the ladder, and throw two ropes over a giant branch. Then tie all 4 ropes together in one big knot. 
5. Tie your tire on with heavy duty knots. 
5. Enjoy the sunny weather!

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