Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Craft for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

This Easter bunny craft turned out pretty adorable...
My 3 year old's Easter Bunny
We painted our hands with white paint, (I put a glob of paint in each kids' palm, then had them rub their hands together, their favorite part), then I had them put their hands on the paper. Then we trooped off to the bathroom hands held high and washed the paint off.

Another 3 year old's Easter Bunny
 While the hand prints were drying we cut out all our shapes. I cut the big circle for the head, then had my 3 year old girls cut out two eyes, and one pink nose. After they had them all ready, we glued the white circle on, then the eyes and nose.

The last step was getting out a red and black marker to make the pupils, whiskers, and smile. On my daughter's bunny one hand print was too far away so we did a new one, one pupil took over the eye, and the mouth kind of started above the nose, but that is the magic of child created art! 
Her almost 1 year old brother's Easter Bunny
 If you did this with babies you would pretty much do all of it, but it's still way cute, and if you're doing it for a child's parents they will love it.

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